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niñeras madrid

Björnberg (Suecia) «Thank you so much for providing such caring and kind childcare on our recent visit to Madrid.  This was our second time using MissBabysitter. We knew our kids were in safe, loving hands, which puts our minds at ease and helped us enjoy our stay even more.  We’ll definitely use you again on our next trip to Spain»
McGuinness (Australia) «10 out of 10. From the start the service was so professional (& reassuring given I’d never used an agency before). The booking process was easy and efficient and we were beyond thrilled with our babysitter. Eva was nothing short of amazing. She turned up with toys, Lego, treats – & so much bubbly energy our 3 boys were in love. Everything was effortless for her & we were able to leave all day (& well into the night) for my husband’s 40th celebration without any worry. The boys woke up asking (begging!) when we get to see Eva again. Amazing service. Highly recommended. Thank you SO much!!! «
Lyle (EE.UU) «In response to your request for feedback- wow! I loved Andreina, our babysitter in San Sebastian, from the moment she walked through the door I felt very confident that she would take brilliant care of my children- and I think she did. The baby was unwell- cut his forehead that afternoon and woke up crying but she was able to comfort him and clearly coped calmly. I think the babysitter we had tonight was perfect and I would definitely recommend to friends visiting Spain. Best wishes»
Scandal (Australia) «Can not thank you enough for looking after them with such love and care. Our holiday would not have been the same without you! xx»

Castillo (EE.UU) «I would like to express my thanks to you & our babysitter. My daughters, Annika & Emma really enjoyed their time with our babysitter in Madrid. She was punctual, enthusiastic and exuded positive vibe. It was our first time hiring a babysitter while traveling abroad, and we were quickly put at ease upon meeting her. My husband & I were able to enjoy our special dinner date knowing that our children were in good hands. We will highly recommend your services to our families & friends! Thank you! «

Overton (EE.UU) «We just loved Carmen; our daughters raved about her. We will absolutely recommend your agency to friends visiting Madrid! Thank you again»
Singh (Inglaterra) «Hi we loved Ana! – she was our babysitter in Madrid. The kids asked where she was this morning when they got up! We’re all looking forward to having her back tomorrow night. Thanks so much»
Reilly (Inglaterra) «Maitane was a wonderful sitter! She was warm, friendly and spoke English very well. She was very helpful with tidying up the kids things and they had so much fun playing with her. It was so nice to have a night off knowing someone you trust is watching your children. We will definitely book her next time we are in town. Thanks!»

Kristi (Suiza)«Our experience with MissBabysitter was great; I would definitely give a 10. Carmen was so good with our kids and made us feel very comfortable leaving them with her. We will certainly be using your service again the next time we’re in Spain»

Tran (EE.UU)«Thank you! She was fantastic! Happy to write a review on the service. Here’s a great pic with her and my happy toddler»

Castiglione (Argentina) «Gracias a MissBabysitter por cuidar de nuestro hijo. Se quedó muy feliz y sereno. Es un placer conocer gente tan conectada con los niños. Love»

Casey (EE.UU)«Absolutely wonderful.  Our sitter showed up early wiht games and leggos. The kids loved her and so did we. Very highly recommend!»

Cori (Australia)«Thank you so much MissBabysitter! Kristina was our sitter in Barcelona and the boys had such a great time with her. After the first night they asked every day when she was coming back. We were able to get out on a couple of dates to explore Barcelona as adults without a care in the world! Thanks for helping make our stay so much easier (& fun for the boys)».


Milder (EE.UU)  «We were delighted with the service that MissBabysitter provided. We were able to book last minute and were provided a very kind, patient and attentive sitter for the evening. She was able to get my little ones to finish their dinners (something I had given up on) and into bed on time.  They told me how she was fun and played games with them. I would have her come again in a heartbeat.»

Ambrosi (Irlanda) «Thanks again so much for last night. It was reassuring leaving Alison with such a lovely person. x»

Walford (Australia) «Thanks to you we have been able to have a few hours for us. Our baby is only one month old and we have had a very professional nanny who knew what she was doing and who was informing us of how everything was going throughout the service. Thank you again for giving us this moment»

Padmore (EE.UU) «Our babysitter, Carmen was great. We would be pleased to recommend her to others. We will be in touch again next time we are in Spain. Thank you!»

Parr (EE.UU) «Thank you and happy new year! By the way, I wanted to let you know how pleased we were with your service. Our kids really enjoyed your nanny in Barcelona. She was fantastic! We will certainly use you again in the future»

Kassab (EE.UU) «Thank you so much for the professional and excellent service, Maria did a beautiful job and the Kids loved her. She was on Time both times  ways and always with a big smile. We really appreciate your service»

Kristi (Suiza) «She has been such a great babysitter and has made our trip so much more enjoyable. Thanks!»

Sinsky (EE.UU) «What an incredible service!!!! Thank you so much. Please launche in France. We have no sitter here and it’s so frustrating ;-)» 

Rivera (Venezuela) «Ana fue excelente. Muchas gracias»

McVey (Inglaterra) «Petra & Hudson had so much fun with Maitane & Joana.Thank you MissBabysitter»
Ellis (Australia) «Thank you so much. What a wonderful experience.  Natalia was just amazing.
The boys are in love!! I may even see if she has availability again during our stay as the boys so want to see her again. Amazing service, thank you.»
Barberá (España) «Los niños estuvieron felices con la niñera en Madrid, nos lo han contado todo y estaban súper contentos y con ganas de volver a estar con ella. Gracias por todo»

Burke (EE.UU) «The whole experience was definitely a 10. It was extremely easy to reserve a babysitter at the last minute. She arrived right on time, with chocolates and games, and the kids were won over immediately. She was highly professional and we felt complete confidence in her…the kids had a great time and are already asking for her to come back. I will definitely recommend this service highly!»

Björnberg (Suiza) «10!!!  Our 3 year old is already asking when she is coming back»

Ferguson (Reino Unido) «Thank you so much. Everything was wonderful with Bea and Miren. They turned up on time and were both extremely friendly and kind.  We had Bea who looked after our baby and 5 year old.  They had both brought toys with them appropriate for the children. Bea´s English was great and she and my daughter had a great time together before bea put Tabitha to bed.  Thank you so much we had a fabulous time in San Sebastian and wonderful night out for my mothers 70th birthday made the more so because we knew the children were being so well cares for»

Moltke (Dinamarca) «10 out of 10 🙂 She was so cool – Lili loved her. Thank you so much»

Sorensen (Noruega) «Thank you so much for the babysitting service, we really enjoy our holidays thanks to your help, I wish to come back soon» 

Rebel (Australia) «Otis still talks about you. Please, come to Australia and be a nanny xx»

Remoe (Suiza) «I will highly recommend you»

Masuda (Japón) «Everything was great!  Miren was a real pro! Thank you so much!! What a great efficient service you have!»

Tapia (España) «Nuestra boda ha sido un éxito, en parte al gran servicio de las niñeras. Los niños disfrutaron muchísimo. Gracias chicas»

Boudet (Francia) «Nous avons un bébé de 2 mois et nous avons pu aller dîner 2 soirs sans aucun soucis. Sa nounou nous a envoyé des photos et s´en est bien occupé toute la soirée»

Miranda (Venezuela) «Pasábamos muy bien la noche y la canguro estuvo súper chevere»

Lellouche (Reino Unido) «Everything was fabulous with our babysitter Nuria! Thank you so much again for everything!!!»

Roberts (EE.UU) «I meant to follow up on Paula the babysitter earlier but with all of the traveling and subsequent illness that always seems to follow long plane rides it slipped away from me. She was great – 10 out of 10. Thanks again for the babysitting hookup, it made for a great meal out. You always have an invitation to California»

Chaney (EE.UU) «Great experience! Our babysitter was very nice and professional. We knew our baby was in good hands»

Muñoz (España) «¡Hola! Como os dije, mis hijos estuvieron encantados, no dudaremos en recomendaros a nuestros amigos o para futuras visitas! Muchas gracias por todo y hasta pronto. Un abrazo»

Penrose (Nueva Zelanda) «The babysitter assigned was superb for us and for the kids. We spend a great day out all together and we feel as we know her for ages. She was really helpful»

Kitazono (Japón) «We had a fantastic holidays in Barcelona with Cristina. She was incredible, passionate and great with our children. Thank you SO much, Cristina!»

Junk (EE.UU) «Thank you! It was so nice to meet you and for you to take care of the boys!!»

Redman (Alemania) «Lucia was awesome. It was really easy and our daughter had a great time! Thanks! «

Hampson-Bellon (Inglaterra) «Both my daughter Coco and I enjoyed meeting Dori and found her to be very engaging and nice. We would like to employ her again to baby sit for Coco in the future»

Gulati (India) «Hi, I want to say a big thank you to you. Alba was great. And having her made it easy and comfortable for me to work for two days. I will be recomming you to people I know who visit Spain. Thanks very much»

Barmettler (Inglaterra) «We had two babysitters for four children, all under the age of 4 years old. They spoke english with the kids and were able to make all of them comfortable and happy after just a few minutes. Both arrived on time and quickly learned the location of all the supplies. We very much enjoyed our night out – thanks to missbabysitter!»

Bowi (Irlanda) «I think Emma misses you…she wants the video with her babysitter played non stop!! Thank so much for taking such good care on Emma AGAIN 🙂 If I have friends travelling I´ll be more than happy to recommend you! We had such a lovely lunch knowing you were with Emma»

Kinkade (Australia) «This is wonderful! Thanks for being so lovely with Georgia. We are grateful. Wow- what a wonderful service. Appreciate it»

López (EE.UU) «Hemos quedado muy satisfechos con el servicio, Ana es un encanto y estupenda, amén de educada y con un inglés estupendo. Desde luego contaremos con ustedes cuando necesitemos otra vez una niñera. Muchas gracias»

Gaynor (Irlanda) «Paula babysat for us last night. She was great. Hopefully she is available again»

Sherrod (EE.UU) «Eva was absolutely incredible with Aadi and Luka yesterday! They were asking about her first thumb this morning. Thanks so much for sharing her with us. Any chance she has any more availability sometime soon?»

Kavanagh (EE.UU) «Fantastic experience.  I was a little nervous about booking a babysitter I had never met before. But it worked out great.  She was excellent – we booked her for an extra night!  My little boy didnt shed a tear as we left – he was too busy laughing and playing.  Would definitely recommend the service, and will happily use it again. Thanks»

Raikamo (EE.UU) «Thank you for good service in Madrid once again. Aadi & Luka have been asking for the babysitter ever since she left. She won them over immediately!! Thanks for caring so well for them. Cheers!»

Neimar (Singapore) «We had a wonderful & lovely experience with Miss Ana. We hope she will be available next time»

Kerr (EE.UU) «Sandra was a fantastic babysitter – the kids loved her, she cleaned up after their dinner and had a lovely manner. We’d highly recommend her to other people looking for a babysitter in San Sebastian»

McManus (Sudáfrica) «Hi there! We were so happy with our babysitter yesterday, she’s just lovely. Blaise was very content and relaxed. 🙂 He is very happy to see her again today. Gracias!»
Lars (Suecia) «Dear Miss Monica, you are amazing! Kiddos are thrilled. Thanks for all your care and time. Means a lot 🙂 The kids have been asking for you all morning, so sentimental is mutual. Thank you for letting us have some adult time out as well. Hoping to see you next spring! xx»

Sherrod (EE.UU) «Hola Gala and Company,

We were beyond impressed with our babysitter here in San Sebastián!! Honestly, there’s not a single criticism in the process or your employees. Gala and Eva were genuinely kind, responsive, and helpful professionals. We even added two additional sitting sessions! 
Our babysitter immediately won the children over by bringing along some of their favorite activities and getting down on their level to play together, which is something we highly value in a sitter. Gala was even a huge help in finding the best pintxos bars and gently reminding me of the booking process. We’re thrilled to return next year and use this service againMuch thanks»
Sokolinsky (Argentina) «Thank you very much for your services. Ana was great. Great communication, very nice person and very polite. Would definitely like to hire her again if ever back in Madrid. Thank you»
Lui (Inglaterra) «Thank you! You guys have been great!»
Spencer (EE.UU) «Awwww thank you!! Jesus, we wouldn´t have been able to do the beautiful meals we were able to do because of you. Blaise loves you. Thank you so much»
Metni (EE.UU) «Hi there, we were so happy with our babysitter in Madrid yesterday, she´s just lovely. Adam was very content and relaxed :)»
Wilson (EE.UU) «Thanks for watching over my 3 loves! We have had a great dinner in Akelarre thanks to you»
Tie (EE.UU) «Marina babysat for our 2 year old son when we were in San Sebastián for a couple of weeks. She is simply wonderful and our son loved her. She brought toys with her and played with him before dinner. She also fed him his meals and put him down for bed. Marina was punctual, patient and helped tidy once our son was sleeping. We are really happy with her and hope to have her babysit for our son next time we’re there»

Gilbert (EE.UU) «I just wanted to thank you and your company for helping to make our vacation in San Sebastian perfect. Maitane was wonderful with our son Milo. It couldn’t have worked out better»

Raftis (Singapur) «Good morning, I just wanted to say thank you so much for the amazing baby sitter you sent us, her name is Laurence. I was a initially a bit worried booking a baby sitter online however, Laurence was so beautiful with our children & we will definitely be using your company again when we return to Spain. Warm regards. Thank you!»

McOmish (Francia) «Todo fue perfecto con la babysitter en San Sebastián. Carmen llegó a tiempo, con una bolsa de juegos interesantes, y mis hijos se sintieron inmediatamente confortables con ella. Había pedido que hable en castellano con ellos, porque quiero que aprendan esta lengua (somos franceses), y lo hizo desde el principio. Me gustó mucho que me envió un sms para saber si mi hija podía ver la televisión, y siguió mis instrucciones de 30 minutos max. Mi hija fue encantada con la noche que pasó con Carmen. La próxima vez que necesite un babysitter en España, es seguro que utilizaré sus servicios! Muchas gracias»
Eskiber (EE.UU) «Laura was PHENOMENAL. We could not have been more thrilled! Thank you so much»

Sercombe (Australia) «Hello! We really liked our babysitter in San Sebastian and she was very good with the children. Good communication and very friendly and helpful. Thanks so much»

McFarlane (Canadá) «We were very happy with our babysitter in Madrid. She made us feel at ease and kept in contact with us throughout the night (as we had requested)»

Spellman (EE.UU) «Very happy with the 2 babysitters that minded our children on Sat Nov 10. We have already reserved them for Nov 30 also. Thanks»

Mollina (Italia) «Muchas gracias por el servicio de las 2 niñeras. Estamos muy contentos con todo. Disfrutamos las 2 noches en el Teatro Real»

Allé Travel Agency (EE.UU) «Thank you so much! It’s so fabulous to work with you»


Dieterich (Suiza) «Thank you! You are super nice and it is my pleasure!»
Thomas (Australia) «Thanks so much to Eva and the team – fantastic service, the kids loved their babysitter in San Sebastian and highly recommend to anyone who is keen to have a night out without kids!»
Cosgrove (EE.UU) «Carlotta is a wonderful babysitter in Santander» 
Cooper (EE.UU) «Viviana, our babysitter in Valencia, is great. The kids had a good time with her yesterday evening»
Forties (Canadá) «Everyone really appreciated your services on our wedding! Please thank the 5 babysitters from us 🙂 Thank you!»