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Some thoughs about your chilndren´s environment

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Some thoughs about your chilndren´s environment

Some thoughs about your children´s enviroment 

Parents, nannies or babysitters have the responsibility to mediate between the world out there and our kids. New technologies and a fast growing plastic and electronic toy industry is overwhelming for everyone involved in a child – driven environment

We, as parents, have it difficult to say no to presents from family and friends. “Will I be rude if I clearly state: we don’t want plastic toys as presents for our girl? Not even for her birthday, Christmas, her Saint, her anniversary, first tooth…or any other excuse that can be used for giving a gift. We just don’t want them, full stop”. But then you get the usual: “Poor kid, she’ll love it…etc.” And then I think, she will love anything she is given from an empty box to a ten story Barbie house, but that’s not the point.

The point is that children mustn’t receive more toys than they can play with. They should not store them for any reason to never be used again, turning their rooms into storage rooms, cramped with colorful toys that alter the internal peace of anyone living there.

Have you ever felt a bit dizzy in a toy shop or a mall after some time there with the over stimulating colors, shapes, number of boxes and options around? I have, several times, and that is the reason why I believe that our child’s room should resemble to those places as little as possible.

Recent studies prove that being surrounded by a clean, organized and simplistic environment helps us to have a cleaner mind and to concentrate better. It helps the child to listen to internal impulses and play with objects or toys that respond to a genuine curiosity. The beauty is to have a self-driven play not a toy-driven play, as we usually enjoy more doing something that has our real interest rather than something that is being proposed externally.

Taking all this into account I encourage parents and babysitters to avoid too complicated toys that do a lot for the child. Let them do with little, and they will create more. Give them a lot of toys that do lots of stuff and they will create very little and will become lazy.

It may sound drastic but if you think about all these amazing children’s rooms you see in Pinterest. What is the common feature that makes you want to stay there forever? Well, it is easy. It is just the fact that there are very little toys, and the ones there are carefully selected (for the picture at least) for their design and material to bring a cozy and stylish design to the room. I’m not saying that we need to follow those design options but at least give it a thought and re- assess the environment of your child’s everyday life. You may want to bring some more calmness and less stimulation through senses to respect the inner impulse we all have, especially in our early years.

In MissBabysitter we believe less is more and we apply that to our lifestyle and values in everything we do.



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