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Babysitting Service as a social benefit

Companies with clear talent management strategies strive to provide better and more innovative social benefits to their staff, what will differentiate them from the competitors and will position them higher up in the ranking of “best companies to work at”. Achieving a work-life balance is a one of the main challenges that innovative talent management [...]

When to leave the diapers behind?

When to leave the diapers behind? The answer is that there is no specific time for them to start using the toilet as each child is different. The process should be natural and gradual and not determined by the parents’ urgency, the summer, or by when other kids have done it in the family, or […]

Babysitter for a healthy parenthood

Babysitter: family time management for a healthy parenthood  Do you remember that feeling of happiness the day you found out that you were pregnant? The excitement and joy that crossed your body with so many images of what your family life would be and all the great moments that were yet to come? Well, I’m […]