Lucía G.


Children Education


Hello! My name is Lucia, from 1991 and I am your babysitter.

I am a teacher with a degree in Early Childhood Education, student of oppositions and English.
I have extensive experience working in the care of children from 0 to 12 years old both in the school environment and private and playful, so I currently work as a nanny performing the functions that the family deems appropriate by agreement.
As a guideline, I outline some of the functions that I have performed as a nanny previously, such as school and out-of-school support, games oriented to psychomotor and cognitive development, basic household maintenance, attention to food and hygiene habits, support in Accomplishment of the school tasks, formal, sporting and cultural outings, as well as night care and attention.

In addition to attending basic health and wellness care, I would like to show my interest and enthusiasm in working with children, in which I pay special attention to develop meaningful and flexible learning in a playful and dynamic way, focusing on the interests of children and Based on activities of daily life.

I consider myself a sympathetic person in the interpersonal way, empathic with children, responsible to the tasks entrusted, dynamic and at the same time calm and patient, with a great capacity for conflict resolution and adaptation to different situations.