Marina G.


Law & Political Science


Hello, my name is Marina, I was born in 1998 and I live in Madrid. I have always liked children. I have a large family and I always have took care of my cousins ​​and now also of my nephew. In addition, I have experience as a babysitter at specific moments and as a private teacher of French for young children.

I can provide services in French, a language that I control perfectly since I have lived in France and I have studied bilingual. I can also develop in English, a language I try to improve progressively. I am a happy and extroverted person. I love dealing with children, because they always find a reason to laugh.

I am passionate about theater, reading and constant learning. I love traveling, meeting new people, learning languages ​​and taking my backpack full of experiences.

If you come to Madrid and want to leave your little ones in good hands, do not hesitate to contact me!